The 12th European Ornithologists’ Union Congress 2019

This congress was the second stop on my three-week congress tour. My original plan was to go there by train, but since there was only one day between ESEB 2019 and this, I had to fly. The weather was pretty when flying from Munich to Cluj, but there were already visible the rain clouds. When I finally arrived to Cluj there were heavy rain showers.


This EOU congress was held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania on 26th-30th August 2019. The sessions were in two different buildings in the city centre; one for plenary talks, and other for concurrent symposia and poster sessions. There were in total almost 400 participants from 37 different countries.


The plenary talks were by excellent researchers from various fields of ornithology.



I hosted the symposium “Birds and plant volatile organic compounds” with Katerina Sam and Luisa Amo. My own talk was about our recent experiments in Papua New Guinea.

Title of my talk

As whole the symposium went very well. All the talks were great, there was surprisingly lots of people listening, and they asked good questions after the talks.


For the rest of the congress I could have listened any of the talks but that was not possible, so I tried to pick the most interesting ones. Here are tweets from some of those:


The high point of EOU congresses are always the excursions. This time it was high also in reality, climbing to the Piatra Secuiului Peak. The advertisement of this excursion said that it would be easy to moderate climbing. In 30 °C it was far from easy. In the end I didn’t climb all the way to the top, but the views were fantastic, and I saw also some nice bird species, such as spotted eagles, honey buzzards, common buzzards, ravens, red-backed shrikes, tree pipits, green woodpeckers, and most likely also sombre tits.


This was the 6th time in a row for me at the EOU congress, so I saw lots of familiar faces from previous congresses. But there were also lots of new colleagues. It was nice talking about birds, science and everything else with everyone. This congress in Cluj was very nice and well organized. Also the old town of Cluj was pretty and full of nice restaurants and bars.



© Elina Mäntylä (, 10 September 2019

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