The 2019 Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology

I have never really studied anything related to evolutionary biology, but since this congress was organized in my old hometown, and by my friends and former colleagues, I really wanted to attend. And luckily my latest experiments in Papua New Guinea included phylogeny of the experimental trees, so I had valid data for a poster. 😉

So, this congress (ESEB 2019) was organized in Turku, Finland on 19th – 24th August 2019. The congress venue was Logomo which was good place for the 1300+ participants. Everything at the congress was done very well. The presentations were excellent, lunches were delicious (and mostly vegetarian, one day even totally vegan), the public transport was free for attendants, and of course all the organizers and volunteers were helpful. This was one of the best congresses I’ve ever attended.

The poster sessions were a bit crowded but that is the same thing in almost every congress. The best thing was that the only way to get free wine during the poster session was to talk with the poster presenters. Each of them had half a bottle of wine to pour on glasses. I was surprised that over 15 people came to talk to me during the 2-hour poster session. Unfortunately I ran out of wine after the first hour. 🙂


The plenary talks were of various fields of evolutionary biology and by top researchers.



For the rest of the talks I tried to choose ones that were not too much just genetics, so that I would understand at least most of the topic. Very interesting talks of all kinds of plants and animals, such as:


Most of the talks were streamed live online and they are still available for viewing here.

There was all kinds of Finnish music played between the talks. I liked especially Finlandia, Sandstorm, Freestyler and Myrskyluodon Maija. The full list is available on Spotify.

The congress dinner was one of the high points of the whole congress, as it was at the Moomin World. I have never been there before and it was fantastic. All the main Moomin characters spent the evening with us. Also the food was delicious. This was fabulous ending for the congress.


© Elina Mäntylä (, 9 September 2019

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