The third quarter of my #365papers

Time to report again what kind of articles I’ve read during this quarter of April-June 2017. If you’re interested here are post of the first and the second quarter. I continue again the same method, so in April I chose from my folder of saved articles those that were published in 2004, in May those published in 2005 and in June those published in 2006. Here you find a list of all the articles I read during this quarter (365papers3Q).

I was asked to peer review few manuscripts lately, and I have noticed that all this article reading really helps. I think I’m now a better peer reviewer than I was before. It’s easier to see the broader view of the manuscripts when I have so much recent knowledge what published articles should be like.

So what kind of articles I’ve read during the past three months. Surprisingly many studies of plant volatiles.


Also lots of articles dealing with trophic cascades from plants via insects to (avian) predators. Many of these articles were part of our meta-analysis (Mäntylä et al. 2011), and I’ve read those then. But the meta-analysis was only about the bird predation, and several articles had studied also some other aspects at the same time. Such as insecticides, fertilization, arthropod predators etc. Now read those parts as they were new to me.


Not surprisingly there were again lots of articles where the first author is Finnish (21 out of total 91). I like to read articles of my (former) colleagues even if their study topic is not that close to what I study.


© Elina Mäntylä (, 17 June 2017

PS. You may notice that the third quarter is not yet finished. I had to speed up my reading in June because I knew that I would be busy with other things the last two weeks of June.


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