The first quarter of my #365papers

In September 2016 I learned about the #365papers challenge. That means you read one scientific article per day for one year. I was at that time busy writing research funding applications but the last deadline of those was in the end of September, so I decided to start the challenge in the beginning of October 2016. I didn’t want to wait until the start of the new year.

I have over 1500 articles saved as pdf’s in my Articles folder, so finding enough articles was not a problem. Many of those articles I haven’t read properly or I’ve read them so long time ago that I’ve forgotten the details. I wanted to have some system how to choose an article each day. I have of course mainly saved articles that relate to my own study topics; ornithology, trophic interactions, insects etc. So should I read only one topic for a week or month? Or progress alphabetically? Or start from the oldest ones? Or just pick one in random every day?

I have named the article files as first author_publication year_journal, so I decided in October to read articles published in 2012. For November I picked the year 2011 and in December I read articles published in 2000 or before. I will follow the same system for the rest of the challenge.

To add motivation I decided to post every article in Twitter with the proper hashtags. I wanted also to add some notes or interesting details of the articles. Here are two examples what my #365papers tweets look like:

I also have an Excel file listing the articles I’ve read. I add there also some notes of each article. Such as some method I could use in future or some new term I learned from that article.

So, what have I read so far. Of the 92 articles 47 are ornithological, 43 study plant chemistry, and 24 have a Finnish first author. 😉 Here is list of all those 92 articles as a pdf (365papers1q).

I will continue this challenge at least until the end of September 2017. I know that there will be some days when I won’t have time/chance to read an article, or at least tweet about it but I will then read/post two articles the next day.

© Elina Mäntylä (, 1 January 2017

3 thoughts on “The first quarter of my #365papers

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