The 8th European Conference on Behavioural Biology


The ECBB conference was held in Vienna, Austria 12-15 July 2016. I hadn’t before participated in ECBB conferences but now I had a good chance to be there. The conference ended up being a very good one with a relaxed atmosphere. There were plenty of great talks and posters. As I have before participated in several bird-related conferences and in other conferences have listened mainly bird-related talks, now I tried to also listen talks of mammals, fish, insects etc. There were lots of these available. Below I will briefly mention some talks I listened but there were also good posters of, for example, elephants of Myanmar (by Martin Seltmann), Berlin city-foxes (by Sophia Kimmig), and wolves and dogs trained to use a treadmill (by Friederike Zenth). I had a talk at the conference about my study with pines, pine sawflies, great tits and blue tits. I will make a separate posting of that study at some point.

All the six plenary talks were excellent.


Here are some of my tweets of other interesting talks I listened. You can find more tweets from the conference with #ECBB2016 hashtag.


The congress dinner was fantastic. The Vienna City Hall is so pretty (both outside and inside) and the food was delicious.


© Elina Mäntylä (, 18 July 2016


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